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You may have checked my other blog with 10 Scenario Based AKS Interview Questions. Those were straight forward questions which are easy to answer. Here are 8 more questions that need good understanding of various industries and better AKS knowledge.

I don’t have all the answers in my Azure Kubernetes Service posts. However, I’ll try to add posts with tutorials and explanations for the following questions.

  1. How would you set up an AKS cluster with multiple node pools, each with different machine types, to support different types of workloads and optimize costs for a company that runs a multi-tenant SaaS platform?
  2. How would you migrate an existing on-premises Kubernetes cluster running a financial services application to AKS, including the migration of stateful applications and data while ensuring compliance with industry regulations?
  3. How would you set up and configure an AKS cluster to support zero-downtime deployments and rollbacks for a microservices-based e-commerce application with high traffic and strict SLAs for a large retail company?
  4. How would you set up and configure an AKS cluster to support autoscaling based on real-time data processing for a company that runs a big data analytics platform?
  5. How would you set up and configure an AKS cluster to host a multi-region, multi-cloud Kubernetes cluster for a company that provides a gaming platform with high availability and low latency requirements?
  6. How would you configure a CI/CD pipeline for an AKS-based application using Azure DevOps and GitOps, in a way that ensures security, compliance, and auditability for a financial services company?
  7. How would you troubleshoot and resolve performance bottlenecks in an AKS-based application running on a large-scale, multi-tenant platform for a company that provides a SaaS service?
  8. How would you secure an AKS cluster, that is hosting a sensitive data and should meet compliance requirements, using Azure Policy, Azure Active Directory, Azure Network Security Groups and Azure Key Vault for a Healthcare company?