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Here are 10 scenario based AKS interview questions. You would find answers in various blog posts of mine. I would suggest going through full articles with sample codes in them.

Here link to all my blog posts on Azure Kubernetes Service. Check them out.

  1. How would you set up a highly available Kubernetes cluster on Azure using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)?
  2. How would you configure network security for an AKS cluster to ensure that only authorized traffic can reach the cluster and the workloads running within it?
  3. How would you set up monitoring and logging for an AKS cluster using Azure Monitor and Log Analytics?
  4. How would you deploy and manage applications on an AKS cluster using Azure DevOps, including the use of YAML pipeline and Helm charts?
  5. How would you migrate an existing application to AKS while ensuring minimal disruption to the application’s availability and functionality?
  6. How would you use Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) and Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaler (KEDA) to automatically scale a microservice running in an AKS cluster based on message rate?
  7. How would you use Azure Key Vault to securely store and manage secrets for an AKS cluster?
  8. How would you use Azure Cosmos DB to store and manage data for an AKS-based application?
  9. How would you set up a CI/CD pipeline for an AKS-based application using Azure DevOps and GitOps?
  10. How would you troubleshoot and resolve common issues related to an AKS-based application, such as pod scaling, network connectivity, and application performance?