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The easiest way to create Helm chart for a simple app with services and ingress controller is to use the Helm CLI and chart templates. Here are the steps:

  1. Install Helm CLI: You can install Helm CLI using the package manager for your operating system.
  2. Create a chart directory: You can create a chart directory by running the command helm create mychart.
  3. Add application deployment files: In the chart directory, you can add the deployment files, such as YAML files, for your application.
  4. Add services: You can add services to expose the application by adding YAML files in the chart directory.
  5. Add ingress controller: You can add an ingress controller by adding the appropriate YAML files in the chart directory.
  6. Define values: You can define values for the chart by creating a values.yaml file in the chart directory.
  7. Package the chart: You can package the chart by running the command helm package mychart.
  8. Install the chart: You can install the chart by running the command helm install mychart.

By following these steps, you can create a simple Helm chart for your application with services and ingress controller.

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